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This course explores new methods to conceive, create and represent landscape through immersive ‘gaming’ technology. Investigations during the course commenced with visions of landscape and the history and methods of representation and gaming. Further exploration covered gaming specific issues of user experience, gameplay, interaction, plot, style, rendering engines, modeling, texturing, lighting, sound design and coding. Throughout these studies, I revisit and reconceive the relations between landscape and immersive technology in the context of the main exercise, the creation of realtime 3D “Altered States”.

The first priority of this project is to develop the techniques of expressing the sense of imagining. The project also focus on making a real-time 3D landscape through gaming or animation software such as Maya, Cinema4d and Unity 3D. The final project is an interactive real-time 3D game, “The Skyvoyager“. The story background behind the game is about a human survivor in a fantasy world after a catastrophe. He awakes in a world that so many wired things happens such as huge animals, flying whales and floating mountains. To survive, he has to step on the journey to find other human survivors. Through the game, the various lighting methods, colors of texture, and the use of particles together convey distinctive senses of image in different scenes.

Immersive Landscape: The Skyvoyager

Project Information:

Harvard GSD Spring 2016 Elective Course | Prof. Eric de Broche des Combes
Individual Project | Design: Ping Lu

Trailer - The Skyvoyager

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