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Amsterdam is a city that has many city icons, such as the flag of Amsterdam, the Tulip, the ‘Amsterdam’ installation, the red light district, the bike and of course, the greatest artist in the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh. Comparing to other city icons, there is few urban subjects that represent Van Gogh or his work. Therefore, the proposal of a new pedestrian bridge  in the central city aims to strengthen the iconic influence of Van Gogh. Among all his talented works, the oil painting Starry Night is the most famous one, which expresses his color attitude on brightness and the impressionism idea through the motion of clouds in the sky. The proposal not only attend to the specific function but the design should also take into consideration the urban insertion and impact geared towards creating a new architectural symbol for an European capital city.

An icon in terms of what it represents as much as what it is, this is a beautiful, unforgettable project. Its simplicity is its beauty, its program full of promise, its users, and its life. With the respect to history, the design try to evoke the memory of the city and the country. 

The objective of a pedestrian bridge is to link banks and make human crossing easier. It is not there to be seen, it generates social habits. The design is less important than the function. The same elements that made the crossing complicated (the water)will help to resolve the main goal : the support of the bridge (Archimede). The illusion and the mythology take part of the project: who ever dreamed of the symbol of Amsterdam, walking inside his paintings? That’s not the design that will be unforgettable, but the memory of crossing it.

Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge

Project Information:

AC-CA Competition Design, 2012
Individual Project | Design: Ping Lu

Rendering inside the bridge

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